Data Science Project Scoping: a guide for social good organizations

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The use of data science for the generation of public policies is increasing in the world. Every time I know

Data Science for Public Managers

The need and relevance of evidence-based policy-making and the use of data to improve the design, implementation, and evaluation of public policies has been increasing.

Training in this subject is still very recent and there is not much offer

However, training programs have lagged behind. To fill this gap, the Center for Data Science and Public Policy of the University of Chicago and GobLab UAI from the School of Government of Adolfo Ibáñez University worked together to create an open curriculum specifically designed for the social good organizations. This project was supported by the Red de Innovadores Públicos (network of public innovators) of Chile’s Laboratorio de Gobierno (National Government Innovation Lab) and Servicio Civil (Civil Service).


The main purpose of this project was to design and implement a curriculum in data science project scoping for social good organizations, helping these organizations understand what problems can be solved using data science, and how to get started.

Course Structure

The course was held in parallel in Santiago and Viña del Mar free of charge to public managers selected from the Public Innovators Network of the Government Laboratory, who applied with their ideas for data science projects.

Innovation Case: Developing Data Science Skills in Public Sector Managers

Downloadable material


Optional Reading

Scoping Worksheet

Data maturity Framework

Worksheet Todo Mejora

Worksheet DART

Worksheet Commander

Worksheet Allegheny

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We will be continuously testing and improving this curriculum and would like to know if you’re using it, and how you are modifying it to suit your needs. We would appreciate it if you can share your experience with us writing to

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