Data Science for public managers in Viña del Mar

By Monday June 17th, 2019 March 11th, 2020 NEWS

In the framework of the annual meeting of the InnoLabs Network in Rosario, Argentina, the director of the GobLab UAI, María Paz Hermosilla, gave the workshop “Data Science for Public Policies”

Data Science for public managers in Viña del Mar

June 17, 2019

How can you provide data analysis in solving problems in the public sector? Taking into account the digital transformation that institutions and organizations have faced in recent years, it is essential to train managers to learn to use data science in the formulation of projects that contribute to developing strategies in line with the new reality.

That is the objective of the course taught by GobLab (Public Innovation Laboratory of the UAI School of Government), with the support of the Civil Service and designed in conjunction with the Center for Data Science and Public Policy of the University of Chicago. The realization of this workshop is due to the award of an innovation fund delivered by the Government Laboratory.

During three sessions “we teach the headquarters to see what difficulties they have in their bodies can be resolved with data analysis. For example, inspection, management, user service, etc.” explained the director of GobLab, María Paz Hermosilla. And he adds that “to apply, attendees had to present a problem and during the course they will learn how to develop a project focused on solving that specific problem.”

For that, they are told how to identify a problem, which can be solved with Big Data, how to use the data, how to analyze it, interpret it and make it known to adapt them to the objectives of their organizations. “In addition, we teach them about ethics and how to make responsible use of data,” said Hermosilla.

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